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Elevate Your Business with Branded Screen Cleaners that Can Create Thousands of Potential Customer Touch Points

There’s the customary business cards carried by the dozen and handed out to associates at meetings or clients over lunch.  Easy to acquire and keep, but just as easy to be overlooked or lost by those who receive them.  Of course they are a necessary part of any business, but cards alone should not be the only tangible representation of your brand.  And while some items such as, say, frisbees, play a little too much into the sense of carefree playfulness, branded screen cleaners say something better and say it more often.    

An Elevated Brand

When thinking of ways to market yourself and your company, consider reaching for higher levels of brand awareness than ever before. It doesn’t take much to improve the representation of your company in the form of a small gift.  By choosing to take this additional step and making the most of your marketing resources, you can create a name for yourself through a single line of product that is present in the office of every person with whom you interact.

Giving your logo and company information in the form of a quality item like a screen cleaner tells your associates a little something more about who you and your business really are.  The practicality of the item shows a thoughtfulness and capability that will be translated to your entire company.  The quality of the item is attributed as also that of your business, and so it is important that your branded ambassador be well made.  Truth be told, it should be something that is used often, far more frequently than that frisbee, brought out only at the annual company picnic or when the dog needs a chew toy.  

Points of Connection

The opportunities for greater customer interaction that come from having pieces of your name out in the world are endless.  Neatly packaged travel sized cleaners or desk-handy larger branded screen cleaners are constantly reaching out on your behalf, reminding of your proven business acumen and trustworthiness.

There is of course also the potential for use as employee incentive.  Such a gift shows a touch of investment in each employee that can go a long way.  Aiding in office tidiness and promoting a greater sense of belonging on your team, spreading branded screen cleaners is useful in and out of the office.  

The microfiber and sticky screen cleaners from Pristine Screens are perfect for any computer, laptop, smartphone or other electronic device.  These cloths are reusable, machine washable and environmentally friendly!  The use of screen cleaners on electronic devices like computers and smart phones means they are always in close proximity when business is being done.  Make sure it’s your name that’s seen hard at work, just as your company is known to always be.

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