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Sticky Screen Wipes Remove Dirt & Dust From Your Most Treasured Electronic Devices

Anticipation is one thing that carries over from the holiday season. It’s in the air on Christmas Eve and lingers into the New Year. As the last notes of Old Lang Synge fade away, we take down the Christmas decorations and gear up for life after January 1st. The holidays may have come and gone, but there’s still fun to be had; especially if you got a hot new tech device over the holidays.

A Tale Worthy of a Belated Christmas Present

If your family’s anything like mine, the minute there’s a new trendy toy to play with, everybody wants to try it out.  My mom got a new laptop this Christmas. Like clockwork, the device made the rounds at our festive gatherings over the last week. Did I mention I have five nieces?

Fast forward to New Year’s Day, and my mother’s once pristine laptop is full of:

·         Sticky spots

·         Smudges

·         Dirt

·         Fingerprints

The screen looks passable when it’s backlit, but as soon as the power goes off, you can see the evidence of all the grubby-fingered borrowers swathed across the screen. In an effort to restore the laptop’s original glow, I went online to find a solution. I got more than I bargained for.

A Lesson in Post-Holiday Tech Accessories

After a little research I began looking for an all-inclusive cleaning product. The funny thing is people always ask for the latest iPod, iPad, laptop, or smartphone, but very few recipients think to ask for practical accessories to go with them. I looked at:

·         Solutions

·         Cloths

·         Static clings

·         Aerosol sprays

Nothing quite had the ease and portability that fit my mom’s on-the-go lifestyle. It was then that I remembered seeing Pristine Screens’ Sticky Screen Wipes at a conference I’d attended several months before. To my relief, when I found the company’s website I also found a full line of screen cleaning products.

They have:

·         Sticky clean stickers

·         Microfiber cloths

·         Sticky screen wipes

These silicone and microfiber products are the gift that keeps on giving. The silicone adhesion is residue-free and the microfiber square removes debris, is washable, and reusable. I got my mom the travel sticky screen wipes so she always has them on hand wherever she goes.

Best of all, the products and packaging (where applicable) are customizable when you order in bulk. Not only did my mom get the scratch-free pristine clean she needed, she also discovered a unique way to advertise her small business.

You can follow in her footsteps. After all, it is the New Year. Why not make a resolution to give customers a piece of purposeful marketing? They gain the flawless beauty of a clean screen and you gain a potential customer. It’s a win-win.

So partner with Pristine Screens today and look forward to what 2013 has in store; additional product and ordering information is available on the website. Need one-on-one help? Call 800-540-5971 to speak with a representative.

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