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Cleaning Cloths On One Side, Cell Phone Stickers On The Other

Cell phones are everywhere. From chain stores to mall kiosks; selling mobile products has become a niche market all its own. Distributors and service providers are dedicated, if not a little obsessed, with finding you the “perfect” cell phone plan.

With all this focus on “perfection,” is anyone focusing on keeping your phone in like-new condition? Enter: Pristine Screens, an industry leader in cleaning solutions and sticky cleaning pads for your most beloved technical devices. Read on to find out more about how this innovative company can preserve or restore your cell phone screen and other devices.

It’s a Bling Thing

We’ve all seen the multi-step cleaning kits and cheap screen protectors that bubble and peel. Many of us have tried to find quick, cost-effective fixes that do more harm to our devices than good. In a market saturated with bejeweled cell phone holders and graphic-laden laptop skins, can’t anyone come up with a cleaning system that is both effective and stylish? The short answer is yes.

Pristine Screens has designed cell phone stickers. The product is part of their sticky clean line. It offers dependable, scratch-free cleaning on one side and a trendy design on the other. Gone is the bulky, time consuming kit, the pointless screen protectors, and DIY eyesores; all it takes is a swipe of the microfiber square and your back to talking, tweeting, and texting in no time.

If you already have a cell phone holder, don’t worry. The cell phone stickers can be designed to blend in or accent your existing accessories. They are completely customizable down to the:

·         Color

·         Size

·         Shape

The silicone adhesion means that there is no risk of losing your sticker. Not only that, it won’t leave any grimy residue behind. So go ahead, stick your phone in your briefcase, purse, cup holder or glove compartment; this product is guaranteed to stay exactly where you left it and be there when you need it.

Now You See it; Now You Don’t: The Magic of Functional Content Marketing

We’ve covered the advantages for customers who use cell phone stickers. Now let’s look at things from a professional standpoint. Content marketing is becoming more and more prevalent in professional spheres. According to the Content Marketing Institute, 64% of businesses are struggling to meet the demand for fresh new material.

People are always looking for brands that are cutting-edge and forward-thinking. Let’s pose a hypothetical question: what if you could sum up everything that’s important and memorable about your brand in an image or logo? What would happen if you made that image or logo functional?

Pristine Screens can tell you exactly what would happen:

·         94% of customers will remember receiving the product

·         89% of customers will remember your company’s name/logo

·         38% of customers will be continually be reminded of your company

These statistics don’t include the potential for follow-up campaigns.

Call or go online today and order your custom-made cell phone stickers. Let Pristine Screens put your company and your customers ahead of the game.

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