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How to Clean Your iPad, iPod, iPhone, tablet and Other Touch-screen Devices and Screens

Lets Keep Those Digital Devices Clean This Winter!

There is no doubt that our phones and tablets seem to always be covered in fingerprints, dust, dirt, germs and for us women out there… make-up as well! Today’s touch-screen technology should not be clouded with all this grim! So, what’s the best way to clean these precious items of ours you ask?

Well, the first thing to keep in mind when cleaning your iPad, iPod, HTC Evo or other touch-screen device or screen is that they are delicate. Delicate that is, to scratches and liquids. You want to use a material that is soft and that won’t scratch your screen. You also want to stay away from liquids that contain alcohol as this could damage screens that have an oleophobic coating on them.

There are many materials out there that are soft. For example, your t-shirts and bathroom towels are soft but are still not quite the right material to clean your screen. The problem with cotton materials is that they tend to not only smear the oils on your screen rather than absorb them but they also tend to leave the dust, dirt and depending on the material, lint behind. This is because cotton fibers are actually quite large, which makes it harder to trap dirt and dust within them. 

The material of choice for most touch-screen users has actually become microfiber. 

Microfiber is a very soft material that will not scratch or hurt your delicate screens. Microfiber is made using a polyester and polyamide blend. The polyester is what gives microfiber its outstanding strength and durability allowing it to be washed and used again and again. The polyamide material of microfiber is special in that it is very absorbent. Polyamide is actually able to absorb the facial and finger oils left behind on our screens instead of just smear them around. Unlike a cotton fiber, a single fiber of microfiber is 40x smaller and if you find a high quality microfiber it will also incorporate split-ended technology. These small fibers and the fact that microfiber is positively charged make it easier to trap the dirt and dust left behind on your screen. 

Steps For Successful Touch-screen Cleaning:

  1. Shake out your microfiber cloth or screen cleaner sticker just to make sure there are not any big particles on it that could scratch your screen
  2. Check your screen and blow off any excess dust and particles
  3. Gently wipe your screen in a circular motion several times to absorb all the oils and dust 
  4. Your screen should be perfection!

For dirtier screens, dampening your cloth with a very miniscule amount of plain water before wiping your screen should suffice. Just be careful not to dampen your cloth too much or have any excess water reach hearing pieces or buttons on your screen.

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